Bagalkote is famous for its Handloom GI Ilkal sarees and GI Guledgudd Khuns (saree and blouse material complementing each other!!) . If you want to have an offbeat experience of their weaving process in Bagalkote, then you must take this tour. Experience the weavers’ artwork and get an insight to their handloom industry. Visit to the cluster village where the Ilkal Sarees and Guledgudd Khuns originated accompanied by an experienced guide to give you specific details of the entire weaving process. It is certainly one of the best places to visit near Badami at Bagalkote. The culture and practice of handloom is a major contributor to the Bagalkote economy. The attraction of pure village surroundings will prompt you to avail this Day Handloom Village Tourism package.

      The blouses made out of Guledgudd Khana (or dyed fabric) compliments the Ilkal Sarees as this combination is widely used not only in the northern part of Karnataka but the Marathawada and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra also. The Ilkal Sarees and Guledgudd Khana in their best combinations are used extensively in Urban and Rural parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.  -:Click here for more info:-

       Ilkal is medium sized town in Bagalkote district. The town is located in a valley that lies in South – East corner of Bagalkote district and is quite close to the borders of Kushtagi taluk of Koppal district. The town falls within the jurisdiction of Hungund taluk and lies at a distance of about 12 Kms south of taluk head quarters. Between these two towns, Ilkal is an important centre of trade, commerce and industry. -:Click here for more info:-

Length of sarees: 5.4 metres (6 yards), 7.2 metres (8 yards). 8.1 metres (9 yards)
Width: 48” Body: 40” Borders: 8” (each side: 4”) and 5”, 7”, 9” (9” Gayatri Saree)
Borders Designs: Chikki , gomi, Chikki Paras, Naveelu Dadi, Honnur – Traditional ones, Gayathree and Godidadi Modern type
Body Designs: Checks, Plain and Stripes, Special checks
Borders Colours: Red, Maroon, Green, Yellow or Black
Body Colours: Blue, Rose, Green, and Orange or lemon yellow, Black

        For the development of Handloom Tourism a committee has been formed to provide information on Geographical Indication Products like Ilakal Saree & Guledagudda Khanas.

Committee Members
Name Mobile No.
Shree. Parashuram Godi 9449415827
Shree Raju M Kalmath 9341783106
Shree Basavaraj Badiger 9480152771
Shree Panchayya M Nidoni 9008901212
Shree Ramappa S Koravara 941707823

For suggestions and concept details you can contact below.

Yamuna Pai
District Development Manager,
National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)
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