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  • House

    District Administrative Building

  • Adventure Rock Climbing

    Badami Caves and Adventure Rock Climbing

  • Pattadkallu Temple

    Pattadakal Temple Complex

  • Aihole

    Aihole Temple

  • Shivalaya

    Badami Shivalaya Temple

  • Chikka Sangama

    Chikka Sangama Temple

  • Aihole

    Aihole Temple

  • Kudalsangama

    Kudalsangama Temple

  • Back Water

    Bagalkot Backwater

  • University of Horticulture

    Horticulture University Bagalkot

  • chikkasangama birds view

    Chikkasangam birds View

About District

    Bagalkote is a city situated in the northern part of the Indian state of Karnataka. Geographically, it is located at the co-ordinates 16.18°N 75.7°E , and Situated along the banks of the River Ghataprabha, it lies at an average elevation of 533 meters above sea level. It is the head-quarters of bagalkote district. It was previously under the administration of Vijayapur district and in the year 1997, the new bagalkote district has come into existence during 50 th year of India’s independence. The bifurcated bagalakote district consists of six C.D. blocks namely Badami, Bagalkote, Bilagi, Hunugund, Jamakhandi and Mudhol.

    The legendary Chalukya Dynasty once upon a time ruled Bagalkote District, in northern Karnataka. Occupying a distance of 6593 sq. km Bagalkote District is flanked by Vijayapur district in the north and Gadag district in the south. Raichur district lies towards east of Bagalkote & Koppal district towards southeast along with Belagavi district towards west border the same.

Deputy Commissioner Smt. K. M. Janaki
Chief Executive Officer Shri. Shashidhar Kurer
SP Sir
Superintendent of Police Sri.Amarnath Reddy

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  • Rescue & Relief - 1070
  • Ambulance -
    102, 108