District Disabled & Empowerment of Senior Citizen

District Disabled & Empowerment of Senior Citizen
Title Date Download/Link
Disability Elimination Medical Solution Fund. 30/02/2018 Download(648 KB)
Audit plan for self employment 30/06/2018 Download(786 KB)
Machinery bicycles 30/06/2018 Download(1 MB)
Device Equipments 30/06/2018 Download(1,004 KB)
Talking Laptop. 30/06/2018 Download(617 KB)
Incentive to talented disability students. 30/06/2018 Download(643 KB)
Fee repayment for disability students who are seeking higher education 30/06/2018 Download(740 KB)
Scholarship for disability students 30/06/2018 Download(1 MB)
Monthly maintenance allowance for poor disabilities. 30/06/2018 Download(463 KB)
Act to the Disabled and Older Persons 30/06/2018 Download(1 MB)