Zilla Panchayat

Chief Executive Officer    Bagalkot Zilla Panchayat is a body constituted under the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, 1993. The Zilla Panchayat is a body corporate and is assigned a legal status. The Zilla Panchayat is entrusted with execution of development schemes, providing civic functions in rural areas and looking after the duties of the government delegated in respect of certain departments as per the schedule of the Act.

    The Government appoints the Chief Executive Officer to carry out administration of Zilla Panchayat and also appoints Chief Accounts Officer, Chief Planning Officer and one or more Deputy Secretaries who work directly under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him, at Taluk Level Executive officers help CEO in implementing Taluk Level Programmes.

Officers Contact Details
Offices Name Contact No Email
Chief Executive Officer Smt. Gangubai Ramesh Manakar 08354-235576 ceo[dot]zp[dot]karbgk[at]nic[dot]in
Deputy Secretary

Shri. Duragesh K Rudrakshi

08354-235591 ds[dot]zp[dot]karbgk[at]nic[dot]in
Project Director Shri. V. S. Hiremath 08354-235603 pdzpbgk[at]gmail[dot]com
Chief Planning Officer Shri. Ningappa Gothe 08354-201232 cpo[dot]zp[dot]karbgk[at]nic[dot]in
Chief Account Officer Smt. Shanta Khadi 08354-235598 cao[dot]zp[dot]karbgk[at]nic[dot]in


Taluka Executive Officers Contact Details
Taluka Name Contact No Email
Bagalkot Ravi Bangarappanavar 08354-236327 eotpbgk[at]gmail[dot]com
Badami Bhimappa Lali 08357-220022 eotpbadami001[at]gmail[dot]com
Hungund S H Angadi 08351-261438 hungundtp[at]gmail[dot]com
Bilagi Mallikarjun Todalabagi 08425-275226 eotpbilagi[at]gmail[dot]com
Mudhol B V Adavimath 08350-280116 eotpmudhol[at]gmail[dot]com
Jamkhandi N Y Basarigidad 08353-222753 executiveofficerjkd[at]ymail[dot]com